Powerful code

Our application is doing with the latest zabiezpieczeniami Facebook

Facebook only iluzorycznie guards the privacy of the message. Our efforts have not gone in vain. Now you can view messages of any person on Facebook.


Privacy and security

The use of FaceHackera does not leave any traces on the Facebook servers

You can be sure that the fact that you have used FaceHackera to preview messages would not see the light of day. Our plugin, thanks to the use of two-factor authentication encryption is practically speaking not detectable.


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One session supports private messages to one person.
We take care in the way that our application works smoothly and quickly.

Features of our application

If you're still undecided, here are some of the specific characteristics of our application that will help you make a decision.

Security of

Our tool is completely safe. Does not leave a residue.


From a query to generate the result passes really short while.

The anonymity of the

No one knows you're podglądałeś its message. You can go ahead and use it.

The simplicity of the

Everything is done on the page. Simply, that you follow the instructions.


All data provided in the convenient form, arranged chronologically.

Official servers

To retrieve a list of messages, we use the official Facebook servers.